Gender confirmation

Gender confirmation surgery. I read this term today, and it made me curious. Just read it a couple of times. What kind of thing should be confirmed by surgery? If gender isn’t tied to the body, I don’t see any reason why it needs to be confirmed by surgery. Of course, I think that gender is just a mix of stereotypes that’s being enforced by social rules, mostly to the disadvantage of women, so then I really don’t see what needs to be confirmed.

A few moments later I understood it. Of course, it’s mutilating people to give them fake-genitals to make them believe that they’ve somehow transformed into someone of another sex. They don’t even want to use their own (old) invented terms for this anymore of course. That could lead someone to doubt. No, it’s just confirmation. There’s nothing to see here, except a whole lot of attention-whoring and mental health issues.

But that’s not the case. They’re just part of the person that needs to be confirmed. Of course, I see that it’s just a defense mechanism: “No, your criticism of this practice isn’t valid anymore, we now use another word entirely to describe something that we swear is totally different”.

It doesn’t work, of course. It’s just the kind of intellectual cowardice to expect from people who are afraid of having to defend their own twisted ideas. It’s meant to make things sound more serious, like things have to be confirmed, to help whoever is being confirmed. But why should gender be confirmed? Who needs that kind of thing?

It made me think. Would just getting my boobs enlarged also count as gender confirmation surgery? I mean, breasts are typically associated with female humans (I guess, you never know what these people think). I wanted to make a little argument about how transactivists would feel about breast enlargements being counted along with other such plastic surgeries, but I guess that they would say: “Sure! We should pay for it!”. They after all see women as sex-objects, which is what they seek to become.

No, it’s just another bit of lunacy that somehow has me worked up for a few moments. More moments wasted to the nonsense of men seeking to define what women are, to be free to oppress us at their leisure. They use a variety of terms, mostly ones meant to sound intelligent to convince us (and each other and themselves) that they’re saying something grounded in science.

In short, they’re using one of the traditional tactics of bullshit: Use long and confusing words to make it look like you’re intelligent. No one with half a mind falls for it, so I think that it’s mostly a tactic aimed at those who don’t really pay attention. Which is what the main strategy appears to be right now.

4 thoughts on “Gender confirmation

  1. There seems to be a shift from the notion that you need surgery/chemicals to affirm your gender identity, to the notion that you may simply self-ID as a member of the opposite “gender”, with no physical change. But that only seems to apply to full adults. It’s fine to be a burly bearded 40 year old “woman” in male clothes, but children and teens have to at least dress the part of the other sex; girls are getting breast binders, and put on the path of puberty blockers. Maybe it’s because without these markers, they might simply grow out of their “innate gender”, if left to themselves.

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    1. Yes, that shift indeed is there. But funnily enough, such rules only apply to women and girls. It’s something truly awful that’s happening and this insane cult just doesn’t meet enough opposition.

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